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More than any dental specialty, orthodontics requires a team effort from everyone involved- parents, patient, orthodontist and staff. Many orthodontic problems are quite complex, involving the growth patterns of the face as well as misaligned teeth. Our orthodontists have undergone three additional years of university-based postdoctoral residency training in order to learn the special skill required to manage the complexities of orthodontic treatment.

Our practice uses the most advanced techniques available today to most effectively correct individual problems. We have implemented digital X-ray equipment in our office, thus decreasing X-ray exposure 40-70%. These images are available instantly and can be transferred electronically.

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Each of our staff members takes great pride in her job, recognizing the important role she takes in making sure each patient has an enjoyable orthodontic experience. Each of us promises to give every patient our best. Successful orthodontic treatment requires good teamwork- discipline, communication and commitment. Our staff will work with you and your child to provide the greatest chance at successful treatment and pleasant experiences with our office.

Hattiesburg Orthodontics Staff